Founded in 2014 by Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho, FERA Animal Health was named after Dr. Bicalho’s two sons and is built on strong principles. We are dedicated to improving the future of the animal health field through the development of superior diagnostics and effective preventative products.

The Team 

FERA Animal Health, LLC sales and services are managed by Drs. Erika Huyck and Tom Smith of TP Cattle Services, LLC located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Their company integrates traditional vet services with progressive consulting in the areas of reproduction, nutrition, and milk quality. 
FERA CEO Dr. Rodrigo Bicalho works as an associate professor at Cornell University, performs progressive dairy research, and consults on dairy farms around the world. 

In an effort to make your life easier and ensure rapid delivery of our  products to your farm or clinic FERA Animal Health, LLC has several partenerships with regional distribution companies. To find your nearest distributor please use our contact page or make local inquires.

To obtain a distribution contract please call (585) 465-2218.