With a consumer base increasingly focused on antibiotic use and milk quality, dairy producers need a quick and accurate way to diagnose mastitis cases so they can select the most effective treatment. However, current mastitis diagnostics tools are either too slow or too inconsistent and difficult to integrate into a farm setting. UNTIL NOW...

AccuMast is an on farm mastitis culture system that can be used to diagnose mastits cases just sixteen hours after detection. With AccuMast the goals of selective therapy are finally achievable - saving you time and money while improving the health of your cows and quality of the milk you ship.


AccuMast is so effective it has been hailed the new GOLD STANDARD for practical application of mastitis culturing - thanks to our fast, easy, and accurate system farms accross the nation are finally able to selectively treat cows without making compromises!




  • Obtain sample from affected quarter
  • Streak milk onto plate
  • Incubate for 16 hours
  • Wait to treat cows according to results without negatively affecting cure rates.

  • Color coded results
  • Fewer contaminated samples than traditional lab culture
  • Assistance from a trained technician only a text or email away - simply text a picture to us for quick assistance.

  • Pilot study compared AccuMast to traditional lab culture and DNA sequencing - the results when compared with AccuMast as interpreted by farm workers with no microbiology background agreed 97% of the time!